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The United States Mint is the largest producer of gold coins in North America. Long coveted by bullion collectors worldwide, the U.S. Mint produces American Gold Eagles and American Gold Buffalos, along with a variety of commemorative coins.

The first United States Mint was created in Philadelphia in 1792. Over time, several other branches were opened in order to meet the needs of the expanding territory of the United States. Today, four mints are still currently active, including Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver and West Point. Other branches no longer in use include Carson City, Charlotte, Dahlonega, New Orleans and Manila Mints.

At Bullion & Collectibles Exchange, we’re pleased to offer a large variety of gold coins produced by the United States Mint.

Take a look at our selection of United States Mint coins:

Gold American Eagles:

The U.S. Mint has been producing Gold American Eagles since 1986 and these coins are considered the official gold bullion of the United States. Available in both one ounce and fractional sizes, gold American Eagles are popular with collectors and investors entering the market at a variety of price points. Gold American Eagle designs are rich in symbolism, highlighting the country’s emphasis on liberty and freedom.

Gold American Buffalo:

The Gold American Buffalo was first released to the public in 2006. These coins represent a pivotal point in United States gold bullion production, as they are the first .9999 pure 24-karat gold coin created by the United States Mint. Gold American Buffalos feature the iconic designs created by James Earle Fraser, which originally appeared on the 5-cent coin commonly referred to as the ‘Buffalo nickel'.

Pre-1933 United States Gold:

Some of the most collectible coins available are those produced by the United States prior to 1933. Because these coins are no longer being made, their scarcity can increase their value as time goes on. Exceptionally designed, the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is considered the most beautiful coin to ever come out of the United States Mint. These coins, along with the Liberty Eagles, are available in a variety of grades and price points making them a popular choice for numismatic collectors.

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