An E-Wire is an electronic payment that you authorize through your banking institution. When you place an E-Wire order, you will receive an emailed invoice with all the payment details. Once you authorize your bank to send the funds and we receive them, your order will be processed. In order to protect our customers from market volatility, we must receive funds within 3 business days of your order and E-Wire orders may be manually verified before completion.

At this time, Bullion & Collectibles Exchange does not accept international payments and we do not ship internationally.

Because of the risk of financial fraud, Bullion & Collectibles Exchange does not accept money orders. Customers can use the E-Wire option which allows them to authorize their bank to send funds to complete their order.

Bullion & Collectibles Exchange is pleased to accept a variety of payment methods. We accept Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, and E-Wire payments. Each payment method has a limit and those are detailed on the checkout page for your convenience. Additionally, some orders may be manually verified prior to completion.

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