Bullion is available in a variety of products. At Bullion & Collectibles Exchange, we offer bars, rounds, and coins in most metals. Coins are monetized, meaning there is a denomination stamped on the coin and it is often guaranteed by the country of origin (like Silver American Eagles). Rounds are not typically monetized but still will often contain mint information and other details. Bars do not have a face value attached but are typically stamped with the mint logo, serial number, and purity. Many precious metal bars come with assayer information.

Certified coins are coins that have been submitted to a professional grading service, like PCGS or NGC, for a professional determination of the coin's grade and authenticity. Grading services will evaluate the coin, then place the coin in a protective slab with a label describing the details.

Junk silver is 90% U.S. silver coins that were minted prior to 1965. They're called "junk" because they don't hold any numismatic or collector value. Buyers of junk silver are strictly looking for silver content.

Individual investors and collectors each have their own preferences for how and what they use in their portfolios and collections. Some may choose metals only from a specific mint. Others may prefer bars over rounds or coins. Ultimately, there isn't a solid answer to what is "better", because each individual will have their own goals. Regardless, gold and silver have been used to protect generational wealth for many years, so either metal is a good choice.

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