Letter N

National Futures Association (NFA)

Futures industry trade association which defines rules of conduct and mediates disputes between customers and brokers.

New York close

Trading times and conditions on the New York Stock Exchange during a normal business day.


The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, one of two major coin grading services in the United States.


U.S. nickel coin (1866-present). One-twentieth of a dollar; five cents.


Modern Platinum bullion coins that have been Issued by the Isle of Man since 1983, these are modern platinum bullion coins.

Nominal Face Value

Nominal value given to legal tender coins sold for their metal content. For example, the 1 oz. Gold Eagle has a face value of $50. It sells for its nominal value: gold content plus a premium of 5-8%.


The opposite of fungible. Item not easily or freely exchangeable or another item of like kind.


See Australian Kangaroo.


The study of coins, paper money and metallic art.


Coin expert.

Numismatic Coins

Coins whose prices are based on rarity, condition, dates and mints marks, rather than on their gold and silver content.


The New York Mercantile Exchange.