Letter O


The front or face of a coin.


A movement to sell a commodity at a specified price. This is the priced which dealers offer to sell.


Original government packaging, as issued from the mint.


The right to buy or sell a commodity on a specified date in the future at a specific price.

Original Bag

Descriptive of a sack of Uncirculated coins, all of the same date, which were assembled at the time of manufacture at a mint. There are 1,000 silver dollars to a bag.

Ounce (oz.):

A unit of weight. In the precious metals industry, an ounce means a troy ounce equal to 31.1035 grams.

Over Date

A coin whose date has been punched first with one date and then with another, with the bottom date showing under the top one.


To assign the wrong grade to a coin, either by error, lack of knowledge, maliciousness, or with criminal intent.

Over Spot

A handling fee charged in excess of the actual metal value.


A struck coin which is passed through the dies and has been struck again.