To our wonderful customers:

First of all, thank you for your business. We appreciate you and hope that you and your family are staying safe during these trying times.

As you probably know, there has been a huge demand on precious metals. While many dealers are increasing their minimum order requirements, we are keeping ours the same as it always has been. $99+ orders and always free shipping!

With the backing of our sister company, Blanchard & Co, we have deep roots in the industry and are sourcing products as quickly as possible to meet the current demand.

However, there have been some disruptions to the supply chain that are out of our control, including the Royal Canadian Mint closing for a few weeks due to the pandemic, The Perth Mint suspending silver bullion sales and three Swiss gold refineries suspending production due to the virus threat.

Due to everything mentioned above, you can expect shipping delays on most products you can order at this time. As soon as your order is confirmed and funds are received, you own that product and shipping is guaranteed. You just might not have it in your hands for a few weeks!

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are working as hard and fast as we can to keep offering as many products as we can. Please visit our in-stock items and please keep in mind that this is a moving target and ever changing.

Thank you for your patience during these exceptional times. Please reach out to us anytime, we are here for you!

Your Bullion and Collectibles Exchange Team.